RWA Conference – Going In Alone

So I have this dream. I want to write a book. And not just any book…a Romance Novel. Yup, you heard me right. I want to write books full of love and hate and tension (sexual or otherwise) I want to make you blush, cry and laugh. Most likely I’ll irritate the crap out of you by keeping my hero and heroine apart when you know they just want to be together.

Last year I somehow convinced my husband to spend four days at home from work and take care of our 4 year old and 1 year old.  All so I could fly from Montreal, Quebec to Anaheim, California to attend the RWA Conference. It was the single most terrifying and liberating experience of my life and for anyone who may be on the fence about registering this year, I’d like to share my trip with you, hopefully nudging you to take the leap as well.

DAY 1 – This was the most terrifying part. Walking through the lobby doors into what felt like hundreds of women of all ages talking to each other as though they had known one another forever. There I was, alone and petrified to cross the threshold and make my way to the check in desk.

I remember thinking with each step, “What the hell am I even doing here.” I’m an introvert at heart and this was the worst possible scenario I could have put myself in. Flying across the country, across a border, and being forced to talk to countless strangers for four days! What was my other option? Admit to my family that they were right? That I wasted money not only for the conference registration, but the flight and the hotel too? Not a chance. I was going to talk to these people. Eventually.

Something was slowly creeping in as the terror of being at RWA2012 subsided. Excitement. And pride too. I’ve never done anything on my own, just for me, and in that moment I realized that as selfish as it sounded, I didn’t want to share this moment with anyone. Not my husband, or sister, or mother, because for the first time I had something that was mine alone and I had no desire to explain my need for this experience to anyone who didn’t understand.

In my next few posts I’m going to share my journey with you, but for this week I’d like to know: When was the last time you did something for YOU? 

Maybe it was a guilty pleasure. Maybe, like me, by putting yourself first for once, you messed up someone elses schedule. In the end though, putting myself first made me happier with myself. This trip, it was more than an escape from my everyday life. It was the first serious step I’ve taken towards hopefully one day becoming a published author.

I look forward to sharing sharing my experience and hearing about yours!

RWA Conference – Going In Alone.


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